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Trauma Certified, Dr. Bressel Van der Kolk author of ``How The Body Keeps The Score``

Started A Boulder Body Mind Spirit Counseling, LLC in 2014

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Empaths are highly sensitive to others’ emotions. Sometimes, empaths feel anxious or sad, but don’t know that it is someone else’s emotion they are feeling. Learning to work with this gift of intuition can benefit an empath, helping them to set healthy boundaries and not take on so much toxic energy.


We all go through many traumas throughout a lifetime, big and small. When we go through a trauma, our brain functions in fight, flight or freeze mode - effectively shutting off the complex ``computer system`` in our brain. Therapy reboots your brain, so that you can get unstuck from trauma.


When we buy into anxiety-inducing thoughts, they increase our suffering by 99%. Let’s learn to untangle our thoughts and feelings, and learn to be mindful about what we choose to believe. There are some easy strategies that can help alleviate unnecessary suffering and anxiety.


We all have a soul and a spirit, which need healing from traumatic life events. It is important to incorporate some form of spirituality into our healing, whether you are Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, or another spiritual background. Contemplative prayer, mindfulness and meditation help to transform negative thought patterns and are clinically proven to decrease depression and anxiety.

Highly Sensitive

Highly sensitive people are often empathic and highly intelligent. They are perceptive about their environment, and can often absorb negative emotions from other people. HSP’s will need to set healthy boundaries and maintain a steady self-care routine in order to function at their best capacity, and to maintain optimal emotional and mental health.


Infidelity & affairs contribute to shame, and the inner critic. When we can’t share what is happening, we internalize our pain and isolate from others. This leads to a build up of toxic shame and self-doubt. Therapy provides a safe place to work through these intense and complex situations.

Unsafe Relationships

Learn how to set boundaries in unsafe relationships, how to communicate clearly and respectfully, and how to leave a toxic relationship.


Divorce is one of life's top three stressors. It is very unsettling and many people will feel like their word has been shaken and they're not okay. We can’t walk through these stressors alone and expect to make a strong comeback. We need a safe, supportive counselor and friends in order to fully process what happened, grieve the loss, and come out the other side of this stronger and healthier.

Life Transitions

Life transitions tend to bring up thoughts patterns that challenge our personal and professional growth. Learn how to grow out of these thought patterns through therapy.



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What Is Splankna Energy Healing?

Splankna energy healing is a holistic form of spiritual energy work that heals the mind, body and spirit. The technique consists of using muscle tests to identify what emotions a client is carrying in their body or subconscious (i.e. DNA, cell receptors, brain chemistry, etc.), and any agreements made throughout their lifetime that compromise their mind, body or spirit.

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What Is EMDR And How Can It Help Me Heal?

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. It is a therapy proven to heal people heal from PTSD, traumatic memories, fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, and relationship difficulties (affairs, divorce, breakups). EMDR is administered by a trained, licensed therapist.

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7 Daily Practices To Optimize Mental Health

The Healthy Mind Platter was created in a collaboration between Dr. Daniel Siegel, a Harvard trained medical doctor and Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA Medical School, along with Dr. David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute. They created the Healthy Mind Platter to help people optimize their mental health and wellbeing.


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