What Is Splankna Energy Healing?

What Is Splankna Energy Healing?

Splankna is a Greek word meaning mind/body/spirit.

Splankna energy healing is a holistic form of spiritual energy work that heals the mind, body and spirit. The technique consists of using muscle tests to identify what emotions a client is carrying in their body or subconscious (i.e. DNA, cell receptors, brain chemistry, etc.), and any agreements made throughout their lifetime that compromise their mind, body or spirit. While this could take the form of a physical ailment (body), it could also be a certain compromised role or coping mechanism due to their family of origin trauma (mind, spirit).

Through Splanka energy healing, we can find and clear generational curses, agreements, and strongholds that started between one and 10 generations back in the family line, on either parents’ side. “Clearing” these agreements means removing and getting rid of their power in the client’s body, mind or spirit. We can also locate certain themes of trauma that have occurred repeatedly in the clients lifetime.

One example of trauma would be a theme of over-responsibility that began when the client was age 7 because of having a dysfunctional alcoholic parent, and having to take on a parental role in the family. Other emotions in the theme might include perfectionism, shame, grief, frustration, and an agreement that love will not be returned to them. This can create chaotic patterns of choosing the wrong partners later on in life, that continually reinforces this pattern of traumas and a feeling of not being loved.

After opening and closing each Splankna session with a prayer for healing and restoration in the client’s mind, body and spirit, we find and energetically clear negative emotions. If you’re interested in Splankna energy healing, or want to learn more about the technique, contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation.