Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming Trauma and Challenges

During this lifetime, we learn many lessons and go through many challenges and obstacles along our path. Some people give up. Some people have suicidal thoughts, but end up breaking free, and using these obstacles to help them grow. This is an example of what happens when we go through various traumas, obstacles, difficulties in our relationships and our life.

We often believe lies about the situation and ourself, which leads to false beliefs and thinking patterns.  We make subconscious vows, such as, “I will never allow myself to be vulnerable again.” Next, we believe we will be safe, if we build walls around our hearts, thinking we can protect ourselves in this way. This is considered a limiting belief or a lie, because it is not in our best interest as humans. We need each other and we need safe relationships in order to heal.

Set Yourself Free Through Splankna Therapy

The inner critic, accuser, or enemy of our soul wants us to believe lies and make vows that keep us shut down or isolated, and then this leads to depression, existential anxiety, suffering, even suicidal thoughts. The big break through in self-awareness, is to recognize these patterns and behaviors as lies.  We accepted a false identity. You can get help to set yourself free and release these burdens–and I can help with Splankna therapy.

Splankna energy healing is a holistic form of spiritual energy work that heals the mind, body and spirit. The technique consists of using muscle tests to identify what emotions a client is carrying in their body or subconscious. This therapy helps to overcome, find, clear and break the subconscious agreements that we make, at certain ages in our life. We can live at our highest potential, which is what the Universe, God, and our higher power desire for us.

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Jayma Jamieson

Splankna Healing Consultation

With this in mind, what will you choose?  Will you fight for your freedom, and live in your light?  I encourage you to find your highest, best version of yourself!  Live your purpose and your true calling!

If you’re interested in Splankna energy healing, or want to learn more about the technique, contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation.

I utilize various therapeutic practices to help my clients discover and implement holistic ways to heal from recurring negative thought patterns. These techniques include Buddhist practices like mindfulness, self-compassion practice, loving kindness meditation and Tonglen, among others. Counseling sessions are confidential, non-judgmental and supportive. It’s a privilege to walk alongside my clients on their journey to healing, authenticity and wholeness.