Quarantine Hindsight is 2020

Quarantine Hindsight is 2020

Dear Clients,

Thank you for supporting a Boulder Body Mind Spirit Counseling during the trying months of quarantine & letting me be your trusted local counselor to help you through all of this! “Hindsight is Always 2020”

Quarantine has been like being in a pressure cooker for three months! Our relationships were put to the test. Communication patterns and relationships have been pressurized, and truth has been revealed. What was lingering below the surface has now been brought to the light. We see others at deeper levels, and who people are at the core of their beings. Some friendships and relationships have been lost because of this, and there is a lot of baggage to sift through in order to uncover our 2020 vision; lessons learned in hindsight.

We will get through this together. I’m sure we’ve all come to value and appreciate life a little more, and the things and people we’ve taken for granted when life was too busy. We had so much taken away from us in so little time. It’s a lot to reflect on and to process through. Grief has many stages, and these stages are circular, not linear, like the layers of an onion. Grief expert Kubler-Ross lists these stages as denial, anger, bargaining, sadness/depression, and acceptance. The 6th stage of the grief process is finding meaning in our lives, as we assemble what happened & utilize the lessons constructively to moving forward.

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Let’s try to file away some positive learning lessons about the value of the people in our lives, our need for one another, how we heal in safe relationships, treating one another with kindness and respect — and treating the planet and our earth well. Let’s continue to clear away the obstacles preventing us from being whole, so that we can continue to thrive in our relationships and in our life. We don’t need any more “time outs” to get this message.

Counseling has always been a safe place, in a safe space. And now it’s even safer for clients, in compliance with CDC Guidelines. We are doing our best to keep everything sterilized and clean, including doorhandles and light switches. We are burning sage in the office, and have OnGuard germ protection in the diffusers. I offer distanced seating options, circulating air, and masks are optional depending on clients wishes and needs. One person is in the waiting room at a time, to ensure client safety.

2020 will offer some lessons in hindsight. This is a grief process for all of us. Our normal lives were turned upside down overnight, including the lives of our children and grandchildren, and many lost people their jobs. Now is the time to rebuild and evaluate what we want to keep, and how best to move forward in a more compassionate way. We have a new understanding of how fragile life is, and we are all feeling a little bleary eyed, wary and uncertain of the future.

As part of the grief process, we wonder if the world is OK. With the right counseling and support, you can work through the pain and collective grief & trauma we all experienced in this crisis, and learn to feel safe again. I’m here to help during and after quarantine. Please send a message through the website for counseling support.

Here’s to becoming the best version of YOU as the world slowly emerges from its’ cocoon. Here’s to our human resilience, resourcefulness, and new possibilities.