Self Care & Compassion in Crisis

Self Care & Compassion in Crisis - Counselors' Response to Covid-19

Self Care & Compassion in Crisis

When you are in times of crisis in your life, such as the current Covid-19 pandemic and mandated isolation, emotions flare up. Here are my tips to apply self-care and compassion in times of crisis.

What You’re Feeling in Crisis

You may notice fluctuations in your moods: denial, anger, sadness, fear and anxiety, frustration and impatience with self or others. All of these emotions are parts of the complex grief process. To make things more complicated, we’re all in different stages at different times.

How To Take Care of Yourself

What do you do to make sure that you are taking good care of your self during times of stress? Some people like to go on walks, pet or adopt an animal, go on distanced walks or coffee dates with a friend, reach out to older people who may need your help with a grocery run, listen to podcasts on personal growth, meditate or join a prayer group.

Coloring mandalas, painting, practicing yoga or Xi Gong on YouTube or Zoom, walking, hiking, and running are all healthy ways of moving unwanted anxiety. Taking hot baths and avoiding news can also be therapeutic.

If your body feels tense, it can also be helpful to do a “trauma shake” and wiggle your whole body from head to toes for 1-2 minutes. Literally shaking off any negativity, fear or frustration that stuck to you during your day. Setting good boundaries with friends around talking about fear, news related to Covid-19, and other disasters is also important for good mental health. Don’t be afraid to speak up for your needs, even if it may sound offensive to others.

Often times, my counseling clients are working through another pre-existing trauma in their life, before the collective Covid-19 trauma began. This can make emotions even more intense and unsettling, especially if you are isolated, or confined to your house in an unsafe relationship.

How I Can Help

If you feel like you are struggling, isolated, and need support, This is the perfect time to reach out for counseling. As humans, we heal in safe relationships, not in isolation. While we may be physically distant during these unprecedented times, I offer secure telemedicine appointments or in-person appointments for those without symptoms (complying with social distancing measures).

Please contact me for a free 10 minute phone consultation, or send a message through the Contact page. Together we will get through this!